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How to do ash injection of PSA nitrogen generator?
If the PSA nitrogen generator has ash spraying, we need to pay attention to:
First: check the material sprayed from the muffler, there are generally small particles, we need to check whether the particles belong to activated carbon or molecular sieve. Because activated carbon and molecular sieve are both black solid particles, it is difficult to distinguish from the color, but their particle morphology is different.
Second: If activated carbon is sprayed out, then the problem is not very serious. We can remove the activated carbon filter, remove the activated carbon inside, and check whether the wire mesh at the bottom of the activated carbon is damaged. If it is damaged, replace it with a new stainless steel wire mesh. , and then put back the activated carbon to operate normally. Pay attention to filling the filter as much as possible when filling the activated carbon to prevent the activated carbon from colliding with each other under the action of airflow to generate dust.
Third: If molecular sieve is sprayed out, it is more troublesome to deal with, and the equipment needs to be transported back to the factory for overhaul.

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