How does an oxygen generator work


Many people think that oxygen generators are only needed in hospitals, but if there are elderly people or pregnant women in the family, oxygen generators are very important. Oxygen generators can not only meet family health care, but also play a role in auxiliary treatment for patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, respiratory diseases and the three high groups. Oxygen inhalation in the hospital has a special pipeline through the hospital bed, but there is no such condition at home, generally you can either rent an oxygen cylinder to use, or buy an oxygen generator to use, and now the oxygen generator is more miniaturized, not only can be used at home There is also a portable oxygen concentrator, which is convenient to use at any time. So, how does an oxygen generator work?



The working principle of the oxygen generator:


Working principle of oxygen generator: Using molecular sieve physical adsorption and desorption technology, the oxygen generator is filled with molecular sieves, which can absorb nitrogen in the air when pressurized, and the remaining unabsorbed oxygen is collected, and after purification, it becomes high Pure oxygen; the principle of industrial oxygen generators: using air separation technology, firstly compress the air at high density, and then use the difference in the condensation point of each component in the air to separate the gas and liquid at a certain temperature, and then further Distilled derived.


Precautions for using an oxygen generator:


1. In order to prevent power outages or possible failures of oxygen generators, those in urgent need of oxygen and critically ill patients must be equipped with other spare oxygen supply devices, such as: oxygen cylinders, oxygen bags, etc. Although the oxygen concentration of the oxygen generator can be as high as 99.6%, it is only suitable for oxygen supplementation and should not be considered for life support or life extension at present. Recommended reading>>>99.6% High-purity Liquid Oxygen Generator


2. There may be danger of electric shock. When the oxygen generator needs to be repaired, the machine should not be selfishly disassembled, and qualified maintenance personnel should be invited to repair it. Before operating the oxygen generator, you should carefully read the product instruction manual before using it.


3. During oxygen therapy, if symptoms such as severe headache, blue nails or fingertips, palpitation, drowsiness or irregular breathing occur, please stop using it immediately and contact a doctor as soon as possible.


The above is "how does a oxygen generator work" for you. When using the oxygen generator, you should follow the manufacturer's operating instructions to avoid the oxygen generator not working properly due to improper operation. Recommend>>>Box-type Oxygen Generator